General Shipping

All orders placed at are processed within 24 hours of order placement.

Once the orders are processed they are routed to our shipping department.

The shipping department packs and prepares your shipments within a 48 hour period. We try to insure that each order gets out ASAP (keep in mind holiday schedules or UPS delivery schedules, and outside freight policies) it may take up to 2-3 days for your item to leave the warehouse.

Expedited Shipping Expedited shipping is available for some items on the PORTOPONG X site.

Not all items offer rush services. NFL, NCAA, MLB Beer Pong Tables, Cornhole, and Office Chairs are examples of items that may not have rush shipping due to the size, weight, and overall costs to do so.

If rush shipping is available for the item you would like to purchase, the rush shipping option will appear on the purchase screen at checkout. Please be sure to select this at the time of check out. If MUST have rush shipping and did not please contact us by phone or email.

Shipping All orders are shipped by the most economical method of shipping and our prices in the PORTOPONG X store reflect the most efficient way to get these items to you. Standard freight times are anywhere from 3-7 days from when the item leaves the warehouse. We do ship from both coasts so most items traditionally take no more than 5 days to reach you from order placement.

We ship in the order that the orders were received.

FAQ’s (Here are some common questions we receive…. So to help those of you who don’t buy online much these are for you. If you buy online… you may find these funny. These are real emails we have received – the names are not given to protect the innocent)
  1. I just ordered my item Friday night. It is Monday… why is the package not here yet? Well….. since we are a NORMAL business we are closed on weekends and major holidays. Not only are we closed but also the people who carry your package are closed! We don’t have magical elves delivering our products to you… just standard UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS. If you have questions as to their delivery schedules please check with them. We ship from Connecticut and California and as stated above items take a maximum of 72 hours to leave the warehouse. Although we always try to get your items out ASAP. We ship all orders in the order they were received.
  2. I called your customer service number and left a message, then I emailed from my home account, then I emailed from my work account, then I called again….. why have I not receive a phone call, email, or fax, it has been 10 minutes? Well… pretty simple here folks. Call or email once. WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU! The more you duplicate efforts the longer it takes our staff to insure they respond to each email, call, and fax. Just leave us a message once… wait a bit so we can get to it and you WILL receive an answer. We try to make sure you have an answer within 24 hours… most of the times we reply pretty quickly within a couple hours.
  3. I have a problem with my order, what do I do? Send us an email with complete details of your order - we want to insure everything is perfect with your order but need you to know what you got coming to you as well. If there is an issue, we want to now about it! Let us know and we will fix it and make it right!
  4. I have a problem with my product…. I mean I think it is defective, we used it for a month and now it’s broke. I am mad and think you make a crap product…. Why won’t you give me a free one? We have a 10 day warranty on many of the items we sell. Because we know your friends can be inconsiderate drunken fools and the items we sell are party items that involve drinking and If your cat used our inflatable beer pong table as a scratching post… that isn’t our craftsmanship issues. That just means you should de-claw your cat. If any of our items are defective at receipt of goods we will exchange them, but for obvious reasons we can not take back items once used and broken.
  5. I am throwing the world’s biggest party…. There will be like a 100 people here and I want you to sponsor it and by sending me $1,000 worth of goods I will put up your logo on my myspace page and put your stickers up at the event. I know all of my friends will want to buy everything you have so you will totally make your money back. We don’t have to put anything funny here…. We actually get over 10 of these emails a week. portOpong and portOpongX will sponsor legitimate events and charity events but we are a very successful company and make business decisions… not try and get the girls at your party drunk off of our items and get you laid. Any legitimate requests please send to
  6. I would like to be a model for your products. PORTOPONG has always maintained a quality image with the use of our professional models and have many promotional agreements with some. Please email us a sample packet of recent photos and a short email introducing yourself to We have been very successful helping many of our models with great exposure and we are always looking for more. We will get back to you once we review your material.
  7. I have an item that I think would fit perfectly here on your site. Please submit your marketing materials to We will review and get back to you.
  8. Do you wholesale your products? Yes we have a wholesale program in place for bars, liquor stores, retailers, and websites. Please email us at for more info.

  9. I have a magazine that I think your site would be perfect to advertise in. Here is our promo literature. As we appreciate all the interest we are not currently seeking print advertising – however product reviews are always a welcome conversation.
  10. I have an event that I would love to see team portOpong at! Team portOpong has promotional teams that travel all over the USA. Please email us at You have seen us at many beer festivals, concerts, on HDTV with Art Mann, in Maxim, Playboy, Hustler… trust us… we love a party. If you know of where we need to be… let us know about it!
    PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT - not responsible for incorrect info from customers! A $5 change of address fee is applicable when needed.
    LIVE OUTSIDE THE U.S. and want something on our site? No problem. We ship worldwide. At the check out page choose outside of the country and fill in your correct info. Please allow 9-12 business days to receive your order ...

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