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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Must Have

IceMan Ice Luge Mold
IceMan Ice Luge MoldIceMan Ice Luge MoldIceMan Ice Luge MoldIceMan Ice Luge Mold
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Product Description

Yes it is a PENIS ICE LUGE MOLD - don't be offended we aren't.

Are you tired of your square or rectangular Ice Luges? Planning a bachelor party with the guys and need some added excitement? Try these exciting New ICE LUGES!

Ice Luges have never been this much fun! If you enjoy drinking games- this could change your party or tailgate forever.

"Pour in the Tube & Drink!

Each luge has it's own individual funnel to feed through the tip.

Tons of fun for bachelorette parties, toy demonstrations parties, or any good old fashioned get togethers.

Take a look at the second photo up top and see the Ice Penis Luge - those bridal shower parties just got crazier!

Easy to use! Simply fill with water lay tubes inside seal and freeze!

Add food coloring to the water for fun creations! Pour your favorite liquors down the hatch and watch them pour!

ATTENTION BAR OWNERS! Looking for a unique ladies night attraction, or crazy contest ideas? Try a luge night at your bar or club and watch as your shot sales increase.

PORTOPONGX is the #1 seller of the best ice luge kits on the web!

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